Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dog Bite

This is what can happen when you have a dog in the house.
Several months ago I was approached about fixing a quilt that a dog had decided to chew on. There was quite a large piece of fabric missing fortunately on the outside border.

 The young couple who had received this as a wedding gift were fortunate to be able to get scraps from the maker.

After I cut away the the top fabric

backing fabric cut away
After replacing the fabric and backing materials I then had the dilemma on how I was going to emulate  the existing quilting on the quilt.
I traced the design from another area of the quilt with my Statler using the record function feature.
After recording I saved the design as a dxf file  then further cleaned up the design in Auto Sketch before saving the design as a qli file.

All finished!
What wonderful machines that we have in our lives now!
The young couple asked their parents to point out the replaced area, after searching for over 30 minutes they told them were it was. My mission was accomplished.
By the way the dog was a Golden Retriever. Here is a picture of mine.
 Happy quilting